The “Winnow” Takes Over As The Best Plastic Swimbait On The Market – Next Generation Bait From Nikko Fishing Baits

2021 has already started off way better then 2020 did. The much anticipated plastic Swimbait from Nikko Fishing Baits, the “Winnow”, has finally hit the United States and has already started taking the fishing industry by storm.

In this post, I will be going over of this new product by Nikko Fishing Baits, showing you key features that make it stand out from others in it’s category, providing links to buy your own, and tips on the best way to rig them!

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What is the “Winnow” and When was it released?

Since the first types of swimbaits hit the industry back in the late 1980s, they have truly become a force to be reckoned with. What started out as a lure designed to imitate rainbow trout in Southern California, hard and soft-body swimbaits have come a long way throughout the last 20 years. Hard-body swimbaits made of wood or plastic materials were the first to really hit the waters, but as affective as hard-body swimbaits can be. Soft-body swimbaits, typically made out of rubber or soft plastics, are now what is more commonly used across the nation because of their versatility and overall cost-effectiveness.

Released on January 15th, 2021, the Winnow had been in development for over 3 years before it was perfected and became available to the public. Thanks to it’s creators, Douglas Roberts, Scott Barrett, and Reggan Dumpert, this soft-body paddle tail swimbait has turned out to be way ahead of it’s time. Despite how long it took to design and perfect, I believe that the timing of it’s release could not have come at a better time. Looking back through at the plastic baits that have been released over the last 2 years, everything that has been produced just feels like more of the same.

With that in mind, having something that is legitimately new and unique hit the market could quite possibly be just what the doctor ordered for the sport of the fishing.

What makes the “Winnow” different from other soft-body paddle tail swimbaits?

There are constantly more and more plastic bait companies coming out with products across the world on a daily basis. Arguably for the last few years, the most popular of soft plastic swimbaits has been those produced by Keitech, Basstrix, and Strike King. The reason for their popularity is because of their consistency and capabilities of producing all species and sizes of fish from all corners of the globe. It is very rare that you come across an angler that has not heard of or has not used one or all of these brands.

So what should an industry standard soft-body paddle tail bait have and how is the “Winnow” any better?


A few more features the “Winnow” has that are worth mentioning would be:

  • “Like all of the Nikko Fishing Baits, they are completely toxin-free, contain no environmental hormones, and are swallow-safe for wildlife.” – As stated by the Official Nikko Fishing website.
  • Extremely buoyant – Being that they are made from Nikko’s proprietary super tough floating material, this gives you complete control on where you want it to be in the water column based entirely on how you rig it!
  • On top of the increased vibrations, the detailed ribboning of the body vibrates at such a frequency that it triggers fishes lateral lines.
  • The special indentations all over the bait create frequencies and vibrations that make it very hydromantic.
  • As of right now, the only size that the “Winnow” is currently available in is 90mm. This size is easily comparable to that of a size 90 River2Sea Whopper Plopper.
  • The head on the “Winnow” was designed as such so that it can be easily removed when using it as a swim jig trailer or on a simple ball jig. By doing this, the “Winnow” keeps it’s overall shape and size so that none of it’s features are ever forfeited.

So what is the catch and why isn’t everyone using them?

After using this bait for months now and seeing it in action, I have asked myself that very same question many times over. Why isn’t everyone using these? The durability factor alone is what sold me from the very beginning. So I decided to take my question to social media and ask other experienced anglers their opinions on this matter.

What I found was not just interesting, but also quite frustrating as well. Everyone I came across who had legitimately used the “Winnow” all swear by it and had either switched brands all together or had no need to try any others! The problem I discovered was from those anglers who had never tried them before. As frustrating as it was, I fully understand and respect why they are so hesitant.

Reason why these anglers are so hesitant or are against trying the “Winnow” is because of the initial cost of them and it’s limited available buying options. For a 5-Pack of “Winnows”, the price is $14.99 USD and they are only available for purchase on the Nikko Fishing Baits’ website. When the Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbaits range from $5.99-$9.47 USD for a pack of 6 and the Strike King Rage Swimmers range from $5.79-$10.91 USD for a pack of 7, both being widely available in many local bait shops and big named stores. (The price ranges for both these products were found on Amazon and you can go directly to those sale pages by clicking the product names above.)

Admittedly, I understand where price could be an issue and how necessity sometimes forces us to settle with whatever our local tackle stores or big named companies have in stock. Especially for spur of the moment circumstances where waiting for an online order to come in is NOT an option. I also understand being on a budget and not being able to afford the pricier options, but in all reality. What is the cheaper option there? If your answer is the $5.79 pack of Strike King Rage Swimmers, you would be dead wrong!

Right about now you are probably thinking to yourself, “Wait a minute! I took second grade math and $5.79 is absolutely less than $14.99” and technically you would be correct. But if you take a minute to look at the big picture, you would immediately start to realize that $14.99 for the “Winnow” is actually much cheaper in the long run. Tell me what is the smarter option of the two below:

  1. Buy a cheap broke down car that is outdated with minimal features for $500 that will only last you a maximum of 1-2 months.
  2. Buy a brand new car with top of the line and state of the art features for $20,000 that will last you beyond 3-5 years.

I do not know about you, but if I have the means to do so, I am definitely going with option #2! This same concept applies when considering to buy the “Winnow”. Yes, running to the store and paying $5.79 for 7 plastic swimbaits may seem like the better option. When in all actuality, you will be right back at that store within a week or less to buy another pack. Why? Because the cheaper plastic baits have no durability to them, they can only be rigged up once before having to grab another one, and you are lucky if you are able to catch 2-3 fish on 1 bait before having to put a new one on.

With the “Winnow”, you are able to catch 10+ fish on the same one and rig it up as many ways as you like without having to grab another! Realistically, the only time you ever need to grab a new “Winnow” is when you break off/snap your line or for having multiple rigged up and ready to go! So here are your available options, you choose which is the best one:

  1. Pay $5.79 for a pack of cheaper plastic swimbaits every week for a month. With a total of $28.95!
  2. Pay $14.99 for a pack of “Winnows” that will last for months!

For proof of how many times you can rig up 1 “Winnow” without having to grab another, check out the video below and feel free to skip to the 6:40 mark if you are in a rush.

What are the best ways to rig the “Winnow”?

So what is the best way to rig the Nikko Fishing Baits “Winnow”? Typically the answer is, it’s all up to you!

Remembering that the “Winnow” is still a soft-body paddle tail swimbait, even though it is much more advanced, means that the rigging options are all based on personal preference and are ultimately limitless! Whether you use it weightless on a Texas Rig, as a trailer on a swim jig, or throwing multiple on an umbrella rig. The “Winnow” will out perform any others you would have typically been using.

Personally, I have discovered many different rigging options for the “Winnow” and have used each one of them on the water. Just as you might predict, the success of each one is all based on the weather conditions and overall waters you will be using it on. Lucky enough for you, I have made an entire “How To Rig The “Winnow”” Playlist over on the Lifeoholics Fishing YouTube Channel!

To check out the entire playlist and to see first-hand exactly how to rig the “Winnow”, Click the video below! The first video in the playlist is a simple YouTube #Short that introduces the “Winnow” and from there the playlist kicks off with the most basic of all rigging techniques, the Texas Rig.


Whether you are new to plastic swimbaits or you have been using them for years, you can see why the “Winnow” has taken the industry by storm. It has everything you can possibly want from a soft-body paddle tail swimbait and much more!

  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Limitless Rigging Options
  • And It’s Proven To Catch Fish Of All Shapes And Sizes!

If you are ready to try them out for yourself, click this link:

If you would like to see what others have had to say about the “Winnow”, as well as, photos from Nikko Fishing Bait users of their past catches. Click here to head over to the Nikko Fishing Baits’ Facebook Page:

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