*IMPORTANT UPDATE* Yes, It Has Been Awhile. Here is Why and What Is Next!

So Much Change, In Such Little Time…

As I am sure most of you have probably noticed, there has not been any posts or activity lately here on the website or on my social media’s. I can promise you all that this was certainly not intentional. As fortunate as I was to publicly launch this website and blog, the timing could have been better since soon after my life took a steep turn into chaos and it has not let up much since. With the schools closing until next year along with a lot of other setbacks occurring because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been no exception when it comes to the hard times many of us have been faced with since this all started. Though I have had the extra time off from my day to day job, I have picked up the responsibilities of being a full-time parent at home since my better half is an essential worker.  

I know I am not alone when I say that this entire experience has truly gave me a whole new perspective and sense of gratitude towards teachers and what they go through on a daily basis while caring for our children. On a side note though, I really cannot wait to see these teachers again so I can call them out on all the lies they spit out on parent teacher night’s about how great our children are and how happy they are to have them as students. Now this feeling is one I am not alone with because after just one week of having to home school my kids. I immediately knew that either the teacher lied or these kids act completely different in school then they do at home. With knowing how these kids are, I can confidently say it was the teachers that were not telling the whole truth here. (That was 100% a joke and I do not actually hold any hard feelings towards any teachers so please refrain from any negative comments because of this. This was purely a LoL moment. Thank you!) 


As unfortunate as this entire situation has been, one fortunate thing to happen is that my girlfriend, the kids, and myself are all finally moving into our new home! We have known since before this past Christmas that we would be moving into my girlfriend’s childhood home, but what we did not know was exactly when that was going to definitely happen. We knew that we had to wait for her parents to finish renovating their new house and then get partially moved in before getting an exact date. We were predicting that it would happen by or during the summer. Thanks to the extra freed up time the Covid-19 situation had presented. The entire process was completed a lot sooner then anticipated. Pushing up our official move in date to May 23rd!  

So along with the extra day to day duties added to our already hectic lives, packing and moving was also added in on top of all that. Making it extremely hard for me to be able to fully commit the time required to produce the best content that you all deserve! Yes, I could have thrown together partially researched posts on sloppy thrown together topics. But that is not the type of content I want Lifeoholics Anonymous to be known for or associated with. So I have sacrificed the short game to help insure a better long game. Even though I have not published any posts and have not been as active as I wish I was on social media. That does not mean I have not been working on anything or have not been preparing for what comes next.

New Logo Concept/Idea – Tell Me What You Think Of It In The Comments Below!

Without going into too much detail, here is some of the highlights as to what is to come from Lifeoholics Anonymous in the very near future… 

  • Fully detailed product reviews featuring products from “Love The Fight Lures,” “Lew’s,” and Many More! 
  • Apart from the product reviews, I will be doing “Product Versus Product” posts that put to the test some of the best brands in fishing and how they compare to similar products on the market!
  • Step by step budget fishing guides that will include posts from other respected writers and sources in the fishing community. Here is a sneak peak at one of the writers and posts to be included in these guides! Paul Gaskell who recently did a fantastic article called [“What’s the Best Baitcasting Reel for Less than $100?”] Click the link to see his article now!
  • The biggest change to come is the launch of the Official Lifeoholics Anonymous’s YouTube Channel! The channel launch event is set for Monday, June 29th!
  • Upon release of the YouTube Channel, all my original posts will be getting an update that will include a video of myself going over each individual post and adding in some extra thoughts, Answers to Questions asked from previous readers, and other bonus content that relates to each topic.
  • There are a lot of big changes and updates happening with Lifeoholics Anonymous as well as for me personally. I have not set an exact time or date, but one of the last big changes to be coming to the website (Apart from the overall layout and design) will be an added Premium Membership option available for anyone who would be interested. The Premium Membership Perks will include such features like Viewing All New Content (Both Videos and Blog Posts) Before Anyone Else, Live Events Streamed for Members Only, Product Giveaways, and Much More!

Just because I have not had the time to publish new posts or articles, does not mean I have not had any free time at all. As little as that free time may have been, it never went to waste! I have been working on new graphics for the site, new logo ideas, and I have been cooking up some new posts that will be published soon. I will be sticking to a strict schedule so you all know exactly when to expect new posts and videos! 

Thanks to everyone for your patience and continued support through these tough times. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as this Covid-19 situation starts to come to an end. My county just officially went to the Green Phase as of earlier today and I hope the rest of you out there are lucky enough to be having the same happen already or will have it happen soon.

Below Is A Viewer Feedback Forum, This Is Not Seen By Anyone But Myself And Is Strictly For Personal Use Used To Improve Posts, Graphics, Etc.

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