Current Fishing Status In Pennsylvania During covid-19

Am I Still Able To Fish During Covid-19 Lock Down & Stay At Home Order?

Yes! You are absolutely allowed to go fishing because it is more typically known to be a solitary activity. If you do go out, you are still required to abide by the social distancing order in place. Keeping 6-Feet away from others, wearing a mask or bandanna around your mouth and nose, wear gloves whenever possible, and try not to carpool. If you are planning a trip out with someone outside your household, you should consider meeting them at the agreed upon location to help limit outside contact.

*Tip For Anglers*

To help you, your family, and especially children safely judge the 6-foot social distancing precautions currently in place. You can use your fishing pole to help you measure! When using a standard adult size spinning rod, simply extend your arm out while holding your rod in your hand and as long as your rod does not come close to anyone else who might be fishing near you. Then you are good to go and may go about your day confidently knowing you and your loved ones are safe!

Direct Links to the Professionals

I have been compiling all the current news and facts on the status of fishing in Pennsylvania during the Covid-19 pandemic. My original post was lost prior to launch and when I went to Google to attempt to start over. I found that the Pennsylvania Media Page and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission did a complete Question and Answer post clarifying any and all concerns on this matter.

To see what them and others had to say, along with getting answers to questions you may have. Please visit the direct link to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s website where you can also “Buy Your License” online, get updates on your local fisheries, and stay up to date on any changes to the current fishing status in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission –

PFCB Responds to Frequently Asked Questions –

More to come! Please check your inbox for a notification exactly when the updated post is published!

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